Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The V ball - a sucess afterall

The ball went off without too many problems. We got the mix of Armenian and western pretty right. Things didn’t go quite as we planned, the flutist didn’t play at the start of the night (as we had asked him too), then decided to do his piece near the end when people were keen to dance – not listen to lovely haunting solo’s. The band kept stopping, and starting, but they did play some good variety of Armenian, latin and rock'n'roll music!

The champagne was there- but there was no one to pour it… so I think I poured 10 bottles of champagne in the first 30 minutes. People danced, others watched, the food went well, there was enough alcohol… it was all rather fun. Everyone had more fun than they thought they would (this isn’t necessarily saying much!) and they are already talking about the next one (this is slightly more telling!).

It isn't quite the same in still pics, but people were dancing and having a great time!
This is the only picture i have of me... i am sure there were hundreds taken of me on the night, i have already been shown a few of them. Everyone was rather shocked to see me wearing a lovely dress and heels!

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