Thursday, February 14, 2008

Help me out here!

Right, I need some help with this site - if you can help me I would be eternally grateful.

1. How do I get a photo on my profile? (I may just be blonde but I can’t see how to do it, help me out and I will drag a picture up from somewhere)

2. How do see how many people are actually reading my blog? This may well be a narcissistic question but I am just a little bit curious! Especially if I can see how people come to my site too - I remember reading on someone’s blog that they could see what search words lead to their blog in search engines.That would be pretty cool, i might even share it with everyone.

3. Is there any limit to photos or volume of photos uploaded onto the site?

That is all for today...


Anonymous said...

Re 2: Blogger doesn't have a built-in feature like this. There are several free and easily installable meters available. I have added one from on my blog.

I'll see if I can find answers to the other questions. I have some ideas, but want to verify them first. I think that Blogger doesn't have a limit on the upload, but will check for you. Or try the Blogger-help on your dashboard.

Anonymous said...

Re the pic in your profile. Go to your dashboard and chose Edit Profile in the upper right hand side of your dashboard. Scroll down a bit till the heading called Photograph.

For the upload limit go to Blogger Help, click Images and then FAQ.

Good luck!

kazzajoyce said...

Hey Lucy.
It's Karen. To add a photo on blogger, when you log in just go to edit profile and there is button for adding a picture.
Looks like you are having a good time over there.

Flying Kiwi said...

Hey its awesome to see you here! Thanks for the help too... i should have tried the help more too ;) It is quite fun, a bit different from home! How long you been in Brisbane?

Flying Kiwi said...

Myrthe - thanks! I keep meaning to email you. Hope things are going well, i am heading up on Tuesday to fly out. Could be keen for a drink etc. Do you think there could be problems because it is election day?

Anonymous said...

I know about the emailing thing: I don't get around to mailing you either. :-(

I don't have plans for tomorrow evening, so call me when you get into town.

I hope the V-Ball was a success. I couldn't make it down to Kapan, because we were invited for khash yesterday.