Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Angst of an Organiser

I have been doing the hard sell today to sell some tickets to the Valentines Ball. I have decided it was a daft idea. Anyone who chooses to organise anything should be reminded of the stress, problems and possible failure of their chosen event. Right now there are about 6 people going. Ok, well, there are more like 25 but it still isn’t enough to pull it off. We are still negotiating with the musicians and have a set rate per person with the restaurant (which is more than the ticket price for the locals). I have sold at least half the 25 tickets telling people we will have live music and now I may have to pay the blasted musicians out of my own pocket because the chances of selling enough expat tickets to cover the costs is unlikely…

I have been cornering people in the hallway, walking the offices with a translator and generally trying to convince people to go. I feel like I am selling ice to Eskimos…

I am sure it will be fun on the night….But why did I agree to this?? (even worse is that I think I was one of the main instigators…) This is all on top of rather a heavy workload of work that MUST be finished… hence sitting at home after 10pm reviewing documents and writing blog entries!

Mental Note: Don’t organise stuff. Ever.

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