Sunday, February 10, 2008

Myth Busting #1

On another note, Charles de Gaule was NOT born in Armenia. Even more disturbing is that his father was a professor of philosophy, not a mine manager as so often told to me here.
How do I know this?

Well, I was driving around with some consultants and they told me that Charles de Gaulle was born and raised in Lori, a northern Armenian mining community, they had this on good authority from the locals up there. I was obviously shocked as I knew the truth, he was born in Suynik village, just a couple of hundred metres away.

So I began to think… and after some careful consideration of the issue, along with the knowledge that Armenians claim everything as their own, I turned to google.

De Gaulle was born in Lille, the third of five children of Henri de Gaulle, a professor of philosophy and literature at a Jesuit college, who eventually founded his own school.[1] He was raised in a family of devout Roman Catholics who were nationalist and traditionalist, but also quite progressive.

The result is that I now know he was born in Lille (the first stop of the Eurostar!) and his father was a philosopher. The only question left – what will I say next time someone tells me that Charles de Gaulle was born here???

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