Sunday, February 10, 2008

Inaugural Valentines Ball

Another week has passed only 9 days to go before I am heading home to NZ on leave. I have been busy with work, we had consultants visiting last week, I cooked dinner for people and ate at my new dining room table, went to dancing lessons, did my usual Sunday morning routine of washing, cleaning up and cooking a yummy breakfast. Then went to work to catch up a little.

Exciting news - we are organising a ball – a Valentines Ball. To be held on the 16 Feb (as in Saturday). So far we have got a venue and managed to negotiate with the owner to get some food and alcohol at a reasonable price. The Armenian band can apparently play music other than Armenian big hand dancing music… although I have my doubts. We have started ballroom dancing lessons and even these have been Armenianised (do you think that could be made into a real word). We have been learning a waltz, but it isn’t like any waltz I have done before. There are arms in the air step together then apart things which I have never seen before, ‘graceful’ arm movements for the girls (I can do arm movements but they aren’t graceful!) …. The girls get to twirl though, and that is fun. I am helping to organise it and at the moment I am worried that no one will turn up…

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