Saturday, February 16, 2008

D-Day, well, actually V-Day

Thanks for the help guys! I am going to spend a bit of time tomorrow playing and get it all sorted.

I am about to sneak away from work early to go and prepare for our ball tonight. I am pretty well prepared, I waxed my legs last night (I had forgotten how painful it can be) and I have my dress organised…. The decorations are at the restaurant and the musicians are hired.

I am still adamant that I will not be organising something like this again. What a bloody nightmare! I think we have got 60 people coming, not too bad I suppose, but it took blood sweat and tears to sell those 60 tickets. It has been interesting seeing how everybody has responded… there are whole departments in the company coming, and whole departments not coming. The redeeming point of this whole affair is that one of our senior managers came to me with an envelope full of money (well, not full really) as he couldn’t make it he wanted to help us out. This means that I will not be funding the blasted musicians from my pocket. Bless him.

Hopefully everything is organised well, cos when I get there I will not be concerned about details, other than – my-glass-is-empty-where-is-the-refill kind of details. I might even manage some photos here afterwards, if there are any nice ones of me.

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