Wednesday, October 1, 2008

High risk adventures in kapan

This is probably the most dangerous thing i have done in a long time, and i do like to do the odd 'extreme' sport in my spare time. I was having a couple of beers at one of the lovely summer cafes in town with a couple of the lads when they decided that we needed to move cafes. Apparently there were not enough pretty girls walking past our location.

I mentioned that i had considered risking my life by having a ride on the old, rusty ferris wheel in the park. Peter gallantly offered to come with me and even paid the 100AMD (30 cents) entrance fee. He and i jumped onto this ancient soviet beast and secured the rather ineffective seat belts. Calling this ferris wheel old is like saying that the US financial markets are in a spot of bother.

The whole ferris wheel had that unmaintained, broken down kinda feel. It was surprising how it still operated!

We got surprisingly high, and had a great view over the tops of the four storey buildings around us. We could see the lights of kapan running down the valley. Actually, we are getting close to the local governement elections and so the street lights really are being installed and turned on at night. There are actually quite a number of lights visible now!

So, Peter didn't actually hold my hand, but i am sure i wouldn't have got on the thing without his company. Afterwards we adjourned to another cafe in town where we sat and drank more beer while the boys 'bird watched'.
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bsbhbe said...

Yes, Sarah and I rode this our first week in town (why did it take you so long?) and we felt that the 100 dram admission was a little steep for the risking of one's life, and in fact they ought to have paid us. -W