Thursday, October 2, 2008

Curiosity the cat (and me) PART TWO

So by the way, what ever eventuated from my sister's request for my friend and blogger Karen's address? I know this happened ages ago but i never did get to the bottom of it...

What did she send you???


kazzajoyce said...

I received a parcel from your sister and it contained.....a knitting magazine. You know like one of the inserts they put in the newspapers. It was just another show of how knitters are "taking over the world.."(think 'Brain' when reading that). It was quite an interesting read and amusing to see how knitter's are portrayed. We are a very Hip lot. LOL.
Sounds like you are having a few adventures. The most excitment I have had lately is going on Vulcan training courses for work.
Keep having fun.

Flying Kiwi said...

haha thanks for filling me in... gotta keep up with these things!
Hearing you are going on courses is cool, cant remember the last time i got any training! I did some vulcan training in NZ, it is pretty cool.

well, brain, you never know. Your time may come! When you going to explore outside of NZ/Aus??