Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks guys :-)

Just a quick update before i go on HOLIDAY!!!!

Thanks heaps to Jenn £20 and Jane $30 for their help... Yay we are getting lots of money together (now i just have to purchase the goodies - the fun bit!)

I am going to be in Yerevan for a couple of days at the start of May and will buy the stationary, some wool etc then, and will be talking to some NGO's to purchase a hearing aid. We might even get enough extra monies together to get some glasses for another of the residents.

I'll be talking chickens with the local village leader when i get back... (just thinking about that makes me giggle!)

I am off to Bulgaria tomorrow in the middle of the night these flights are the joy of out-of-the-way airports (i think the landing fees are cheaper in the big airports if you get there at silly times).
Well, hopefully next time i blog it will be about Paragliding and fun!!

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