Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The day after

Despite my telling everyone not to get me any pressies I am now the proud owner of a vase (which is really nice), 27 red roses (which was over the top – and I cant help but think he wants a pay rise), and a stuffed leopard/tiger (which I am concerned is going to eat my less carnivorous stuffed ducks).

I had one of my girls bring in the most delicious and elaborately decorated cake, which was wonderful and I had friends over for dinner, which turned into a bunch of rowdy people chanting to my mother (as I was on the phone to her) Lucy, Lucy, Lucy…

The results of that night of red wine, beef stroganoff and apple crumble is now a headache the size of Africa.

So, in summary it was a good birthday!

BTW – there are more good Samaritans to add to the list:

Kris H - $40
Derek - $60
Ron - $60

Total so far: $460!!!

Thanks everyone! Any and all contributions are fantastic and will go a long way towards helping a small number of people out…

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