Friday, April 11, 2008

Knitting vs the Olympics

Thanks Karen that would be an awesome contribution! I am in the process of letting everyone know details now. I am technologically challenged right now, I have had no internet at home for the last week.

I am surprised at the number of knitters there are out there! They are quietly taking over the world. I feel like I should become part of the revolution or risk being left behind. Can you imagine a mafia of knitters throughout the world? That is what it seems sometimes. It is cool that there are some passions that unite strangers from different cultures.

A bit like the Olympics really, except that this year the Olympics aren’t really uniting people. Olympic spirit and human rights should go hand in hand – or surely that is the point? I have watched some of the demonstrations during the Olympic flame ceremonies and I am not-so-secretly cheering on the protesters. At the same time, I would hate to see the Olympics cancelled, or boycotted, as the real people to suffer are the athletes. Life will continue for most, but they have dedicated their lives to sport and winning the Olympics.

Growing up I don’t know a single little kid who didn’t want to compete on the Olympics. I was going to be a discus thrower, then later, a hockey player. I might have made it if I didn’t damage my shoulder but the thing is that the Olympics is about rising above the problems and issues and uniting. China is getting an extremely strong and loud message from the rest of the world now. The Tibet situation is on every TV, in every paper. I hope that China listen and react before the Olympics so that we might enjoy watching sport happy in the knowledge that there is some resolution to the problems out there.

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