Sunday, March 16, 2008

A little about work

So i thought i would try to show some of where i live and work. i have talked plenty about this place but haven't shown any pics. I am sitting at my desk. One of the others has taken the photo (people here love photographing themselves - half of the pictures on the camera of of people rather than work!). I thought i would be the only person in Armenia wearing a bright coloured Earth, Sea, Sky (made in NZ) fleece, however i was wrong. The first day i wore this i had dinner with a couple of Ozzies living here and she just happened to be wearing the bright red version.

Here I am working with M she is working on her comp and we are discussing - if i can recall it was monitoring data. I reckon half my time is spent teaching, it is both highly rewarding and at times bloody frustrating!

We now have some pretty cool equipment, these are some of the meters we use on the laboratory bench. The guys are calibrating them before we take them outside.

When that is all done, we get outside to do the monitoring.

Then finally, we are back at athe start to get the data put into databases and interpreted....
If only the rivers weren't full of sewage, eh?

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