Thursday, March 13, 2008

Impossible is Nothing

I am back, having arrived in Kapan a day late. I have signed onto a new roster, my old one was 6 weeks work and 2 weeks holiday and working 6 days per week. Now i am doing 6 weeks with 3 weeks and working 7 days per week. I will have to see how i manage without my usual Sunday morning sleep-in who knows when i will get my laundry done either! The three weeks hols make up for all the hardship though.
The workload is increasing and i think one of the main reasons is that we are becoming more competent as a group. This results in more work being passed our way and the end result of that is higher workload.... Hmmm... I believe some in my department would like to go back to the good old days of sitting around making elaborate cups of coffee and discussing how nothing ever happens. It feels like this when i try to push people through the general inertia that prevails.

Impossible is Nothing.

I was venting alittle this afternoon and discussing how things never get done and he mentioned this Nike quote above... II would like this to become the new motto of our team, i am SO sick of hearing how things are impossible. Or even worse, getting the instantaneous response that it is too difficult or that we can't do something because some other department is holding up the process. The funny thing is that when you force the issue then it is miraculously completed - so impossible or too difficult is really just a mindset.
There are times when impossible really does exist, like trying to transfer money from Armenia to New Zealand in NZD is not possible. However, after 40 minutes of heated debate we managed to get the problem sorted out in a different way.
Oh yeah, we had a meeting with the Mayor yesterday and he presented us two women with even bigger and better flowers than the Minister for Environment did - he was at the lunch when the minister gave us flowers and i just cant help feeling there was some testosterone involved - The reason: International Women's Day which has just past on the 8 March.

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