Sunday, March 23, 2008

From beast to beauty?

I have been the cause of some pretty amusing rumours in the company in the last week or so. Apparently i am chasing one of the expats. I haven't decided to be amused or offended... It is pretty funny really, as living here i dont need to chase (i am one of two expat women, and the only single one living amonst around 35 or even more expat men - the ratio is slightly in my favour!).

It all escalated when I went to a beauty salon last weekend with a friend and spent an enjoyable evening of pampering. I saw a woman from work in the salon. I thought nothing of meeting her, but the next day rumours were flying. Apparently I was only going to the salon cos I was chasing a soon-to-be-divorced expat (who just happens to be her boss). I didn’t realise I was such a hot topic… So, when I showed him my lovely hairless leg at work the next day he must have gone straight back to his office and told her. She took that display to confirm her worst fears – she has competition!!! Hilarious. (No offense to the guy involved, but she is welcome to him!).
The best bit of my weekend of pampering are my new nails.I bite my nails, and the beutician suggested I get some acrylic tips put on, they look natural and now i can't eat them!

I am enjoying my nails – I have never nice ones before. Perhaps i will even break my biting habit and have my own nails one day...
I am not sure if I would undergo the full two hours of strong paint stripper smell required to get them attached again in a hurry but you never know - It might improve my chances of hooking them into a nice rich expat man...

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Anonymous said...

Lucy, this is hilarious. It just made my otherwise boring early Monday morning at the office!

You go,! girl! Put your pretty claws in some nice recently divorced expat guy!!! :-P

But I have to admit: your nails look very nice! That might be something this nail biter has to consider as well. Thanks for the tip!