Thursday, November 6, 2008

Faces of Himachal Pradesh

Cleaning a pot in a flooded rice paddy

This lady has three children and she is 30 yrs old

My troup of children followed me giggling and skipping down to the road after i landed in their village.

A part of an Indian wedding was held at the resort we were at. A huge outdoor kitchen was set up and these guys were the chefs, the cooked for 400 people and served excepional food. We snuck out into the kitchen and they started to cook and feed us everything there. I am sure the food tasted better when we watched it cooked! The only strange thing about this wedding was that there were NO WOMEN present. They were having their own party up the road. Kris E said that the night reminded him of a Gay Disco -and he would know!
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kazzajoyce said...

I hope you are doing better. You could always take up knitting while you are recovering.... you will be back up and about in no time. Sending lots of thoughts your way.