Friday, November 7, 2008

Crash photos

The dark ridge in the foreground is where I crashed - where it is "flat" in the middle, and just on the other side. Photo taken just before the rescue team left the Police Station to start the climb up to rescue me!

If you want to see more than to to this Album

I should probably mention that there are actually photos of both my and Chris 's crashes. He had a bad landing two days after my accident and ended up compressing his spine so we both visited the same hospital. He was also airlifted to Delhi and is lying in a bed a couple of floors down. We occassionally get orderlies to push beds to go and visit each other!


Jenn said...

I've had a brainwave and I think you may find it useful... 2 shouldn't travel together again if you intend leaping off mountains.

Flying Kiwi said...

But then i wouldnt have a friend at the hospital... i think it makes great sense to both hurt ourselves and share the experience!