Thursday, May 8, 2008

Quick update

I have been trying to get some pictures and a bit of commentary on my life for the last wee while posted here but haven't had much success with technology recently. i have lost my cable to download my camera and so i went to a photo shop and had the card burned to DVD, then i blew up my computer.... with the CD of photos still stuck in the CD drive.

Apparently as i plugged my computer in last night (with the intention of backing up the hard drive onto my new portable hard drive) the power surged and it now smells like melted plastic on the inside... My files haven't been destroyed but i am now using a borrowed computer and have no access to my usual programmes and files or the CD with some nice holiday pictures on it.

So, there are some amazing photos coming.

Other than that, life is good, it is nice to be back in Armenia. There is lots of work to get done and i am looking forward to some consultants arriving on Saturday armed with nachos, baked beans, bacon and brown rice...

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Well done on blowing up computer... sounds like a good weeks work. Look forward to the photos though - they have to be good after all that!!