Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Home (if Armenia is home that is)

I have got technologically able again... So here goes the last email - it was a great holiday and I had heaps of fun with everybody in Istanbul, Gallipoli, then adventuring into the Unknown with Rachel and Lauren. We had a couple of days in Istanbul and managed to see many of the tourist sites... Topkapi palace, St Sofia, blue mosque, a turkish bath...

Rachel, Matthew and Lauren at one of the many Mosques in Istanbul. I think Istanbul is the most beautiful city I have been too thus far in my travels. It is a fabulous mixture of styles, materials, age and heights.

Anzac was an amazing experience but it was also cold and windy. We set up on our piece of turf at about 9pm and sat there til the service started at 5.30. I basically didn't get much sleep until right on the start of the service when I couldn't keep my eyes open!! Judy Bailey and Winston Peters did NZ proud..

Ephesus is a must see as part of any tour of turkey and there were plenty of people around to see it with... We were lucky to be there right at 5pm and were shown a small amount of the covered mosaics display for free... we even had the air conditioning units pointed out (small pipes in the ceilings).

Rach and Lauren who I travelled with after were very cool! I am normally a little hesitant about travelling with people as I am rather selfish when it comes to wanting to spend time paragliding. Usually this involves me wandering off by myself (well with some other pilots anyway) and ignoring them. I can’t tell anyone any certain information either – how long will I be? Where will I land? How will I get back? I cant even guarantee that I will be paragliding, the weather might be good, it might be bad… who knows!

Oludeniz was a beautiful locations with plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy... Especially paragliding! This was the real break, four days of relaxing and hanging out was needed after such a busy time the rest of my break.

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