Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stuff I've been up to

Another big improvement in my recovery has meant that i can now do some stuff that i really love. I have been out swimming, kayaking, biking and walking now... all relatively small adventures (generally 20 mins is enough to tire my out) but all good to be there.

The weather has now come right after a long period of crap and I am loving the hot days and the compulsory (and still really chilly) dips in the lake. There has been a terrible number of drownings in NZ this year, 12 since Christmas, and we witnessed a near drowning at Lake Hawea the other night when we went for a quick swim. The young girl is very lucky to be alive by the sounds of it but the volunteer fire brigade, a quick response st johns and a normal ambulance turned up.

On Sunday Quentin Kate and I took out some kayaks on the lake and blatted over to a wee island. Quentin has a fancy video camera that is waterproof and he recorded this wee clip - check it out!

He has got some other pretty cool videos on there now too - check it out.

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hello, lucy. i hope u dont sense any jealousy in my comment. :)
wish i could do trip of life like yours. me myself is a paragliding and outdoor activity either.
here in Indonesia, there r lots of beautiful sites to launch on. from Sumatera to Bali, you'll find different great panoramic views n landscapes. just an idea, if u in any chance may come to Indonesia, consider me as a friend. i'll try 2 accomodate u as much as i could.