Saturday, August 9, 2008

Developments in Georgia

The last day has seen terrible escalation with the problems in Georgia. Now there are bombs being dropped on towns outside of the disputed area - including the capital Tblisi and the main port Poti.

It is a little scary as there are so many Armenians on holiday around the black sea and close to Poti, the main port. To think that i was going there in 10 days time. I hope the guys i know get back to Armenia where it is safe soon!!

There are some pretty serious repercussions for our business too. The main fibre optic cable has been cut to Armenia as it runs through Georgia - meaning most people have no Internet access in the country (we run on satellite so are ok). Almost all supplies come into Georgia and all our export leaves via Poti. It wont take us long to run out of stock required for work and we wont be selling anything either.

The only way out of Armenia (assuming that it is unsafe to travel in Georgia and the airport is closed for some reason) is via Iran... talk about feeling isolated right now!!

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Anonymous said...

Such bad luck that all your summerplans seem to drop dead right before you!

My parents are coming for a visit in a few weeks and we were thinking of heading to Georgia for a bit. I guess we'll have to rethink that....

Just two days ago, some friends asked me to go to Kobuleti with them for a short vacation. Unfortunately I had to decline for other reasons, but I am perfectly fine with not going now! I don't think they'll be going either!