Friday, July 18, 2008

Final note on the smelly bag and the rest of the drama

My missing bag finally turned up (after 10 days), and i am a little disappointed to report that there were no whiffy cheesy smells emanating from it. Until i opened it. And then i got to clean smelly mouldy slime off the rest of the contents of the plastic bag the cheese was in. I considered throwing the whole plastic bag out but common sense and a desire to eat the packet of biscotti held out.
Apparently the walking poles that Luftahansa lost on the previous flight are now at the Yerevan airport and so i could be reunited with them early next week.
The only outstanding issues/items from my flight back to Armenia is the missing sandal and olive oil out of my other bag (this is perhaps the most disturbing - there was one sandal and 1L of olive oil missing out of my bag- the bag must have been opened during the time it was with the airline...)
Honestly, how often do you manage to lose walking poles from the outside of a pack on one flight, then lose the pack in the next leg of air travel and get to the end (minus walking poles and the pack they were attached too) and find out you are missing items out of the remaining bag (the one that wasn't lost for 10 days??)
I can't wait for my next flights.

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